In a musical landscape of predictable, manufactured sound, it comes as something of a shock when something genuinely arresting is released. Such is the case here, Julia Mascetti, having relocated from the UK to Japan, has brought the traditional folk of her homeland and allowed the influences of her new surroundings seep in. The result is an EP filled with emotion and beauty.

The release is centred not just around her own feelings of being far away from a familiar land but of loss, disillusion and memories, which is evoked through delicate, spidery vignettes which evolve like dark fairy tales.

There’s a Lynchian/Waitsian atmosphere which hints at sadness and loss but which balances this with a feeling that it is far more of a warning than a threat on this impressive release.

‘In Distance..’ will delight fans of Joanna Newsom; Marina and the Diamonds and Kate Bush, and, Mascetti also seems to be taking inspiration from iconic artists such as Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

Hearing Mascetti’s delicate vocals and alluring melodies accompanied by her harp will make a change from the sounds you are normally fed. And its certainly refreshing to see a musician not just aiming to appeal to the masses – with Mascetti, quite rightly, believing in her vision on an astute collection of work.

Listen to Julia here: