So I know that this music blog focuses on new artists but sometimes it is worth highlighting some advice relating to the fundamental part of music promotion, music pr company, music promotion service, and Music marketing and that quite simply is to focus on the plan, the road map as we call it! This road map allows us to help acts to work over specific timelines just like at a major label or an indie label and create a broad-ranging approach to the media and the key aims of the campaign.

Music Marketing

Imagine the music pr agency is working with you to increase your streaming or your media coverage but you do not know how they do what they do ie they keep things vague and don’t give you weekly reports and don’t interact with you via skype, phone, facetime etc, then how can you change and adapt things to keep your campaign on track. By getting weekly reports this allows you to check and double-check that the plan is on track so it never deviates from the promise brokered between yourself and your team.

Music PR Company

Use this focus and weekly reporting structure and as we always strive to do at Quite Great, adhere to the road map and keep your campaign focused on the straight and narrow.